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Our Trust Schools and Ambition for Growth

We are currently a family of two schools in London Borough of Bexley.  Whilst our schools work together informally and benefit from collaboration at all levels, we are eager to grow and further benefit from the advantages of working across a wider and more diverse group of schools.  To achieve this, we are seeking single maintained schools, SAT academies and small MATs who also appreciate the value and advantages of upscaling, widening the pool of resources and securing future sustainability.  We are not looking to impose a model or “take over” any school.  Our belief is that we are stronger through the sum of our parts and we want to retain that strength through agreed levels of autonomy which support each school in keeping its individuality and characteristics.  In summary, we don’t see the purpose in wanting a school to join us based on what it offers, then reducing or removing the characteristics which make it special and valuable.  Our Trust is focused on bringing the best together and creating an organisation which gives all schools a voice in the overall development of a Trust which is guided by the following principles:


  • School improvement is a journey which has no end point.
  • As leaders, we have been given the agency to make positive change and should never lose sight of our moral purpose.
  • Partnership working enables us to do more with what resources, skills and expertise we possess and it is for everyone’s benefit.


Our Trust is at a pivotal point in its journey.  New schools joining us will have the benefit of being part of the growth journey from the outset.  This means that they will be able to contribute to the vision for the Trust and develop or maintain their own school values under the “umbrella” of our agreed vision.  Head Teachers will be included in our Trust Executive Leadership Group which meets weekly to discuss and work through both strategic and operational considerations, sharing ideas and offering support.  Leaders at all levels will have the opportunity to work across the Trust with colleagues and access support and guidance.  Our Trust is moving towards a coaching culture which promotes personal development through reflective practices as part of on-going school improvement and we welcome other colleagues in schools who want to work with us being part of this initiative.  This is a culture of “we’re all in it together” - we want our staff to be the best they can be!  Our high expectations and refusal to accept that any problem is insurmountable is balanced against a commitment to staff wellbeing.  We recognize the value of sharing and working collaboratively in reducing workload and providing additional support and guidance.


Our Trust is developing a central team over the next two years which is supported through the top slice of our existing schools and subsidised for this period.  The current top slice equates to 7%.  Any new school joining us will benefit from a non-contributory period for 2021/22 and 2022/23 and will only then be subject to the top slice from the academic year 2023/24 onwards.  Again, it is expected that this will be at 7% (maximum) and this is reviewed annually by the Trust Board.  Management and back office functions as well as school improvement are funded through the top slice and enable us to allow schools to focus on teaching and learning through systemizing school improvement and reducing duplication.


Our Trust is inclusive and values diversity.  We are keen to expand our SEND provision and develop expertise in this area through a mixed economy of schools with common principles and agreed, shared moral purpose.  It is our ultimate ambition to create a Trust which brings together special schools and primary schools who are committed to working with their local authorities in inclusive practices through supported reintegration and the development of resource provisions.


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